Basic House Kit (Builds 75)

Solar Education

SKU: 100

The secret to your success with be with the tools and instructions we provide. Some projects even have a construction video. This class size kit can build around 75 Basic Houses. That works out to only $1.72 per student. But wait it gets better ... now that you already have the starter kit, future projects will cost under a dollar. The basic houses are one of the starter projects that teach the basic skills needed to continue onto the more advanced and fun projects available on the "Projects" tab. Simply follow our step by step instructions and videos to start making the basic house. Make sure  you sign up for the full range of our other fun projects.   

What's in the kit?

1,000 Natural coloured 114 mm craft sticks

500 Construction straws

250 Spacer straws

3 Special punches and punch guides

10 Sets of instructions

See also our Refresher Packs which will make the second batch of basic houses at an even a lower price per unit.