Child Protection Policy

1. Statement of Commitment
Solar Education Pty Ltd and is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people, especially those who use our web services. Our workers will treat them with respect and understanding and address their concerns at all times. Our organisation will endeavour to provide a safe and supportive service environment for children and young people through:

·All staff are holders of an Australian Working With Children Blue Card,

·We will Protect their identity and personal details when provided to us via this website or through other means under current Australian law,

·We will deal with children and young people with respect and consideration,

·If requested we will assist parents to use the website and cart service safely and will not pursue any sales advantage as a result of a child's age, and

·We encourage children and young people to use our services under the supervision of an adult.

We are dedicated to providing safe and supportive environments, services and activities that assist children and young people to:
• feel safe and protected from harm,
• help plan activities and make decisions,
• feel consulted and respected, and
• have their best interests considered and upheld.

2. Code of conduct for children and young people
As children and young people who engage with Solar Education Pty Ltd we agree that:
We will respect children, young people and adults,
We will cooperate and play by the rules,
We will listen and receive instructions,
We will have a say about what we are involved in,
We will speak up if we are worried or concerned about something,
We will seek advice regarding improving our services to children and young people, and
We will not be a bully or accept any bullying that we see,

3. Concerns
We will report to the appropriate authority any concerns we have regarding children
as defined under the Australian Child Protection Act 1999.

In the event of any International Child Protection concerns we will report the concerns to the Australian Child Protection Authorities.

Any concerns regarding staff conduct should be addressed to:

The Director
Solar Education Pty Ltd