What is JEEP?

The Junior Engineers and Engagement Program (JEEP) is our answer to engaging students through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) centred content and developing traits such as creativity, imagination, teamwork and fine motor skills. The program has been driven by recent field experience and research in student engagement to be suitable for students of all ages, ranging from Preschool through to Grade 12+, including learning support students.

What does it involve?

JEEP contains progressing levels of projects that are completed in a purposeful order, as each level requires higher levels of skill development and engagement. Within the levels, each project teaches a different skill/component that is needed to construct the final project or challenge within the level. Upon completion, participants must send a picture of the final project to our team for approval, after which they will receive a certificate of completion, and access to the next level of JEEP.


Live events will be conducted that are exclusive to JEEP members. Events are workshop and competition based, where participants can learn new projects/concepts and work together to compete against other teams at the event. Projects and competitions run at live events are based on the assumption of prior knowledge through the JEEP, so participants can get stuck straight into the content. E.g. some events may be Level 2 Engineer and above. All JEEP participants will be notified via email details of live events.

Get on board.

Get started on the first level straight away with a Level 1 Pass.

Engineer Level 1 Class Kit