Club J.E.E.P. "Junior Engineers Engagement Program"

Club J.E.E.P. stands for "Junior Engineers Engagement Program" which is basically a series of web based projects that are downloadable from our website or can be viewed on the screen. The projects are coloured BlueGreen and Red  with blue being the starter projects. Each colour introduces more advanced techniques with new projects added regularly. In addition to being in "Club J.E.E.P." we suggest purchasing one of our starter construction packs which will assist in completing our projects.

Click here to join Club JEEP.

 Click on your project level below and start building. Note: A license and login is required. 

PROJECTS BLUE Blue projects teach basic construction skills. Once completed the Green projects may be started. Click here to join Club JEEP.

PROJECTS GREEN  The Green projects allow the user to develop additional skills and move onto more advanced projects. 

PROJECTS RED  The Red projects are an even more advanced range of projects that are specially designed to maintain the progression of skill development.