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Welcome to mysolarwind.com.au We engage children, teachers and parents through a variety of innovative, creative and imaginative projects. Our unique projects are constructed from low cost, recyclable materials such as cardboard cups, tongue depressors, paddle pop sticks, straws and much more. Low cost materials means children and adults can make and remake projects as many times as they want. By using common materials we teach children to engage their imagination and see extraordinary in the everyday.



We're extremely proud to offer our exclusive "Junior Engineers Engagement Program" (J.E.E.P.) - a self-paced program designed for all ages from five years old through to university level. The program progresses from basic skills and projects to more advanced projects. Most projects have detailed instructions that are downloadable throughout the world. 

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Sign up to our Masterclass to get access to exclusive, fun downloadable projects, online instructions, materials, instructional and fun videos where you learn essential skills and tricks to make your projects easier and smoother looking.

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